Sunday, April 19, 2015

Review: Sparkers by Eleanor Glewwe

Title: Sparkers
Author: Eleanor Glewwe
Publisher: Viking Books
Date Published: September 30th, 2014
Source: Library
Genres: Fantasy, Magic,  Young Adult
Links: Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Author Website
Rating: 4 stars!

In the city of Ashara, magicians rule all.

Marah Levi is a promising violinist who excels at school and can read more languages than most librarians. Even so, she has little hope of a bright future: she is a sparker, a member of the oppressed lower class in a society run by magicians.

Then a mysterious disease hits the city of Ashara, turning its victims’ eyes dark before ultimately killing them. As Marah watches those whom she loves most fall ill, she finds an unlikely friend in Azariah, a wealthy magician boy. Together they pursue a cure in secret, but more people are dying every day, and time is running out. Then Marah and Azariah make a shocking discovery that turns inside-out everything they thought they knew about magic and about Ashara, their home.

"Leah half sobs, half laughs. "You're the one who knows real stories."
"I want to hear a story no one's ever read, that has no end."

My Review

That quote made me cry a lot. I mean a lot. I cried several times reading this book.

Oh my god, this book was so heartwarming. Reading it feels like drinking hot cocoa on a cold, frosty night. (maybe it's the setting?) I was able to feel the bustle of the markets, the song of Marah's violin, and all her pain and guilt. Sometimes the mood is just right.

Thank the book gods there was no romance trying to be worked in. For this book, I think the friendship really carried it for me, and I loved all of its different portrayals in the story. They were dealing with so many real issues, prejudice, discrimination, corruption, that it just would've been the wrong call to try and make this about young love.

I loved what was going on with the book's plot. Sometimes when I read a standalone novel-I'm pretty sure this is a standalone- the plot can be too fast paced, slow paced, rushed endings, etc, but I didn't get any of that from this book at all. Marah and Azariah both felt their friendship as a surprise after an awkward introduction, but nothing was dwelled on for an annoying amount of time.  I love his parents by the way, they are so badass and liberal. This is just a really sweet book with action, plots, and a wonderful amount of magic-literally and figuratively.

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