Rating System

This is a little key to help define what the amount of stars I give a book means. Although, don't hold me to them too strictly. I usually give books an overall rating while scoring them on individual aspects as well (mostly in my head). That actually helps me decide their overall rating sometimes. Enjoy :)

5 stars-You are my book soulmate. Marry Me! Let's run away together! I'll do anything for you.

4.5 stars- I am very close to proposing right now.

4 stars- I love you, truly I do. There are some things we need to sort out , but we'll make it work!

3.5 stars- I like you a lot and think that maybe this can turn into something more.

3 stars- This is a one night stand. Good, but not going to last.

2.5 stars- You aren't my type, but have some redeeming qualities.

2 stars- You really aren't my type.

1 star- Get away from me.

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